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Emergency: 911
Telecare: 811
Poison: 1-800-565-8161
5850/5980 University Ave., Halifax, NS B3K 6R8

In response to COVID-19 patient and visitor restrictions are in place. Entrances have been reduced and screening is in effect. Please visit our COVID-19 information page for up to date guidance and information.

How to Pay Your Bill

Payment Options

Online Banking

24/7 via RBC, BMO, TD, Scotiabank, CIBC, PC Financial and Tangerine

Payee: IWK Health Centre
When paying via online banking, the patient’s medical reference number (k number) is required to process. See your patient invoice to locate your medical reference number which is included in terms of payment message.  If you have trouble locating the medical reference number please email for assistance or

In person at any RBC, BMO, TD, Scotiabank or CIBC branch

For patients wishing to pay in cash, RBC, BMO, TD, Scotiabank or CIBC branches can accept cash payments from RBC, BMO, TD, Scotiabank or CIBC customers; medical reference number required for processing. 

By Cheque Payable to the IWK Health Centre

Mail to:   IWK Health Centre
                 Attention: Patient Finance Liaison Group
                 5850/5980 University Ave.
                 PO Box 9700 Halifax, NS B3K 6R8

By Phone

Monday-Friday(9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.)

Phone #: 902-470-6829
(Visa, MC, Amex, Visa Debit, MC Debit, Discovery Card)

Secure Lock Box

While on-site at the IWK, you can put personal cheques in the secure lock box located outside the Virtual Office located on the 2nd floor next to the Protection Services desk. Please ensure that you have completed the information on the face of the envelope to ensure prompt processing.

Personal Cheques and non acceptance of Cash

Please note that there is a service fee for returned personal cheques and that the Health Centre no longer accepts cash for payment of uninsured items. If a patient wishes to make a payment in cash they are welcome to visit any RBC, BMO, TD, Scotiabank or CIBC, branch to make payment. Please note that you will need your medical reference number for this.

What will I be responsible to pay as part of my hospital visit as an outpatient or inpatient?

Residents of Nova Scotia

As a resident of Nova Scotia most services are covered by MSI; however certain procedures, supplies or preferred accommodation are not eligible for payment by MSI. If you have private insurance it is important to understand your coverage before you register.  At registration you will be required to present your up-to-date MSI card and/or proof of private insurance. As part of your hospital visit, if you incur uninsured items, you will be required to present a credit card to pay for all amounts which are not covered by MSI or private insurance. If you do not carry private insurance certain items must be prepaid in advance.

Non Residents

As a Canadian citizen that holds a health card from another province you will be required to present your up-to-date health card upon registration.  Any uninsured items will be the responsibility of the patient and prepayment will be required if you do not carry private insurance.

Out of Country Patients

Out of Country Patients must present proof of valid insurance at admission as well as a credit card to cover any portion of the visit that is not covered by private insurance. If the patient does not have private insurance,  prepayment arrangements will be made with a member of IWK Patient Finance Liaison group prior to the provision of an outpatient service or during the first 12 hours of the inpatient stay..

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If you have any questions regarding your bill please contact Brigitte Beairsto, Supervisor Patient Finance Liaison Group at 902-470-7853.
If you have any questions regarding payment options please contact Lise Berniquez, Patient Settlement Supervisor at 902-470-6829.