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IWK Responsible Conduct of Research Policy

The Responsible Conduct of Research policy establishes expectations for the responsible conduct of research at the IWK and outlines processes for handling allegations of research misconduct.


The IWK Health Centre is a global leader in research, innovation and knowledge sharing that directly improves the health and well-being of women, children and families throughout the Maritimes and across the world.

Our practice is rooted in a collaborative model that integrates talented people with new technologies, research, training, and clinical excellence. The IWK’s vibrant research community attracts outstanding leaders including nurses, psychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, to name a few.

Guided by the Vice President Research, Innovation and Knowledge Translations, we work closely with our partners to support research in women’s and children’s health throughout the province, broadening our reach with academic collaborators across Nova Scotia. In fact, our strong affiliation with Dalhousie University as an academic health sciences centre greatly enhances our ability to nurture a truly interdisciplinary environment that results in research excellence.

Research takes place throughout the IWK with over 64,000 square feet of dedicated research space involving approximately 400 research employees, 100 investigators and 200 trainees, students, and volunteers.

The IWK Health Centre Research Services Office provides oversight, management and support in the areas of finance, contract negotiations; grant funding, human resources, facility management, research consultation and education, and ethics.

Our investment in research has led to many changes that directly improve patient care. Understanding and relieving pain (new ways of measuring and treating pain in infants and children), easing the suffering of women with urinary dysfunction (better surgical procedures), managing childhood arthritis (new treatments), alleviating Crohn’s disease (new drugs, and better understanding of inflammation), autism (earlier detection and effective interventions) and developing cost-effective ways to deliver quality health care to our under serviced rural population are but a few of the areas our researchers are leading the way.

Initiatives such as the Research Registry, are attracting and improving the involvement of a broad range of research participants and building a network to support the important work of our research community.

Research fosters a healthier population and a more efficient health care system. The next few years will offer even more exciting opportunities to be a part of improving the health of women and children through innovative solutions and stronger partnerships.

Interested in learning more about the research taking place at the IWK? Check out the site and discover!

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