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REB Application Process



IWK Research Ethics Board

Research, along with education and clinical care are the three essential activities of the Health Centre. The Research Ethics Board (REB) serves to assist members of the research community to conduct ethically acceptable research involving humans. 

All research that involves human subjects, their information or their tissue, requires review and approval by the REB before it may begin. Research proposals are assessed for ethical acceptability using regional and international guidelines. The IWK Health Centre Research Ethics guidelines and operating procedures provide direction in regard to research involving IWK families and personnel. Since research ethics is a continually evolving subject, these guidelines may be modified from time to time. It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure that they are using the most recent version.

The REB Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) also provides important information on the Board's operations and requirements of investigators and research staff. The SOP's should be read in conjunction with these guidelines.


The ROMEO Research Portal

The IWK has partnered with NSHA in the implementation of the ROMEO Research Portal. This latest edition of the Research Services database provides researchers and study team members, including co-investigators, research coordinators, and other study staff, the ability to see and manage the submission and approval process for their research studies. Through a single login, you may review all existing projects underway at the IWK or NSHA.

Registering in the ROMEO Researcher Portal and Introduction to Managing Study Review Activities

Access the ROMEO database through the Researcher Portal

System Features Include:

  • Online development of new study applications, facilitating team member edits and collaboration with comprehensive edit tracking and logs.
  • Full electronic initial submission.
  • Integrated REB review and approval forms and processes.
  • Electronic submission of amendments, annual renewals, SAE reporting and other ongoing REB notification activities.
  • Single site access to every study you are named on as a Primary Investigator, Team Member or Reviewer.

Investigators May Choose to Attend the Research Ethics Board (REB) Meetings

To facilitate the review process investigators may volunteer to come to the REB to briefly present their REB submission. This can be particularly helpful with unique or complex projects. Simply contact the research ethics office 10 days prior to the meeting to be added to the agenda.

Investigators are invited to make a short (10 minutes) informal presentation of the research study and REB Members may follow-up with a few clarifying questions. The REB review and Summary of REB issues will follow in the usual manner. Investigators will not be in attendance during the review of their submissions.


Guidelines and Templates

New Applications


Ongoing Study Activities

  • Amendments 
  • Annual Renewals 
  • Request for Acknowledgements 
  • Study Closures and Early Terminations - use ROMEO Events to submit

SAE Reporting

REB Reviewers' Tools


REB Meeting Dates




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Research Ethics Contacts

Research Services Office

Dr. Richard B. Goldbloom Research
and Clinical Care Pavilion, 
IWK Health Centre,
5850/5980 University Avenue
P.O. Box 9700
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Kathleen LeadonDirector, Research Operations

(902) 470-8037 (Phone)



Joanne Street, Ethics Coordinator

(902) 470-7879 (Phone)




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