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Current Studies

Researchers at the IWK Health Centre are currently recruiting participants for the following research studies:


The Centre for Pediatric Pain Research

Do you have a child between 6-12 interested in participating in research?

We want to learn about children's confidence when trying new things and we need your help.

Parents and children between the ages of 6 and 12 will be asked to answer questions about how confident they feel trying a new activity.

Participants will learn all about a medical procedure called MRI and will complete some questionnaires, during a short visit to our research lab at the IWK Health Centre!

Compensation: Participants will receive a $10 gift card as a thank you for your time.

This study involves a 30-minute meeting at the IWK Health Centre to be scheduled at your convenience.

To learn more about participating, please contact us at prep.lab@iwk.nshealth.ca or call 902-470-6459


The Autism Research Centre

Do you have a child with Autism and have been to the IWK Emergency Department in the last two years?

If so, please consider taking part in our study!

IWK Research Study With Parents/Guardians of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder.Has your child or teen with autism spectrum disorder visited the IWK Emergency Department during an emotional or behavioural crisis?If so, please consider participating in our study that the Autism Research Centre is conducting!

We want to learn about families experiences in the IWK Emergency Department so that we can understand how to improve services.

Compensation: Participants will receive $40 as a thank you for their time.

This study involves a 30-minute telephone interview to be scheduled at your convenience.

To learn more about participating, please contact us at arc@iwk.nshealth.ca or call 902-470-5093

This study has been approved by the IWK Health Centre Research Ethics Board.


The Autism Research Centre

Seeking 6- and 12-month-old infants who have an older sibling.

The Autism Research Centre, at the IWK Health Centre, is conducting a study to identify early signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

For this study, we will be following two groups of children:

  • Children who are 6 or 12 months of age and have an older sibling with ASD.

  • Children who are 6 or 12 months of age and have a typically developing older sibling (and no family history of ASD).

Children will be seen starting at 6 or 12 months of age and will be followed until they are 3 years of age, for a total of 4-5 visits (depending on the child’s age at enrollment.

We will use a variety of play situations to learn more about how the children use toys, think, communicate and relate to others.

During some of these play activities, small sensors will be attached to the children’s feet and chest to monitor heart rate, breathing activity and skin temperature.

If any developmental concerns arise, we will help parents obtain appropriate care.

Compensation: Families will receive $15 per visit to help cover the costs of transportation.

Please email stacey.macwilliam@iwk.nshealth.ca or call 902-470-7275 to find out more about this study!

This study has been approved by the IWK Health Centre Research Ethics Board.


Canadian Center for Vaccinology

For information about participating in vaccine research at the CCFV, please go to:



Communicating with Teens

Parent/Teenager Communication and Social Media.

This study is looking at the relationship that using Social Media has with how well parents communicate with their teenagers. If you are a parent or teenager and are interested in participating, please send an email to:


This study will be done entirely online. If you say you’d like to participate via email, you will receive a response with a link and an ID number. Simply follow the link and fill out the questionnaire. It will take only minutes of your time. Participants will be entered in a draw for an iPad mini! Thank for your interest.


Centre for Research in Family Health

iPhone Headache Diary Study.

Do you have headaches? If so, do you want to learn more about your headaches? You can now from anywhere in the world with this new iPhone application!

The app has a pain diary that allows you to conveniently track your headaches whenever they happen and provides helpful reports to help you to identify your headache patterns.

Our study is entirely electronic, so you can participate no matter what country you are from.

Compensation: Participants will be reimbursed with a $20.00 CAD gift card for their time.

If you are interested in participating in this research, please e-mail Wireless.Headache@gmail.com.


UNB Global Self-Worth

Looking for teens with asthma, arthritis or diabetes.

We are doing a study on Global Self-Worth in Adolescents with Chronic Illness and are interested in learning about teens in grades 9-12 who have been diagnosed with asthma, arthritis or diabetes. You will be asked to fill in some questionnaires on a computer. All your answers will be kept confidential. Parents are required to authorize participation in this study.

Compensation: To thank you for your time, you will be entered into a draw to win one of ten $20 VISA gift cards and a chance to win the grand prize of an 8GB ipod Touch!

For more information, contact marcie.balch@unb.ca, or go to the study directly at:



Maritime Early Literacy Team Project (MELT)

Are you expecting a baby in the next 2 months?

We would like to know how you plan on spending time with your baby. This study involves completing an online questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes.Visit our website at


For more information, call 1-888-538-6988 or email Jennifer at jap@unb.ca

Compensation: There are no out of pocket expenses to you if you participate in this study. All information will be kept confidential.


The IBD GEM Project

Crohn's Disease Study (GEM Project).

Do you have Crohn's disease? Or do you have a brother or sister who has Crohn's disease?

We are doing a study looking at people who have Crohn's disease (of any age) and their brothers and sisters (siblings) between the ages of 6 and 35.

The IBD GEM Project is looking at things that may cause Crohn's disease. Why does Crohn's disease affect some family members but not others?

If you are interested in taking part, or want more information, contact the GEM Project Coordinator at 902-470-6595 or refer to the GEM Project website at www.gemproject.ca.

* GEM = Genetic, Environmental, and Microbial
* IBD = Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Sexual Pain Study

Gynecological Pain Laboratory (Université de Montréal) and the IWK Health Centre.

Do you suffer from painful sexual intercourse?

We are presently recruiting couples where the woman experiences vulvo-vaginal pain.

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Women suffering from vulvo-vaginal pain

  • Women aged 18 to 45 years, partners 18 years or older

  • Co-habitating for at least 6 months

  • Daily Internet Access **Other eligibility criteria may apply.

Women will undergo a gynecological exam. Both members of the couple will complete questionnaires at an orientation session as well as brief, web-based questionnaires for two months.

Compensation: Individuals will receive $20 for orientation and $12/week ($232 total per couple) as compensation and will receive valuable information about their pain condition.

For more information please contact: Dr. Natalie Rosen at (902) 470-6532 or email at sexualpainstudy@gmail.com 


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