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Health Promotion and Early Intervention

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Choices Addictions program has taken a leading role in prevention and health promotion aspects of substance abuse. 

A full time health promotion specialist support individuals and community partners to address root issues around supply and demand reduction as well as harm reduction. Efforts are specifically directed toward health education, social marketing and advocating for policies supporting prevention and health promotion.

Based on the Choices model of prevention and health promotion, Mental Health will soon be developing prevention and health promotion services.


Supply Reduction

  • Reducing physical, economic, or environmental availability of, or access to, substance or gambling opportunities.

Demand Reduction

  • Motivate individuals who consume substances (or gamble) to use (do so) less overall, less per occasion, or less frequently. Does not imply abstinence as goal.

Harm Reduction

  • Reduce likelihood or degree of harm (or associated risks) to health or safety to individuals or to the public, without necessarily requiring a change in the lever or pattern of substance use or gambling.

Health Promotion 

Collaborating and Partnering

  • Processes that involve the engagement of a variety of parties and stakeholders bound together by a common health promotion purpose.

Enhancing Capacity

  • Working with communities to support the enhancement and release of knowledge, skills, participation, leadership and resources required by communities or community groups to address their health issues and needs effectively.

Health Education and Skills Development

  • Complementary health promotion activities that are designed to,    
  1. provide information and education for, and about, health, and
  2. enhance life skills and/or promote positive behavioral change

Social Marketing

  • The planned, systematic application of social marketing principles and activities, carried out in such manner as to promote health and well-being, or to ameliorate health-related problems, or to reduce risks and harms. 

Advocating for Healthy Public Policy

  • Strategic actions initiated at individual, organizational and/or societal levels designed to gain: policy support, systems support, political support, and social acceptance for a health goal or program that may be anticipated to be positively impacted by policy, regulatory or legislative change.