Strategic Plan

In 2010 after listening to stakeholders, including staff, patients, families and community partners, the MHA Program developed the 2011-2016 MH&A Strategic Plan. This plan is guiding our program through essential and service-specific changes. As requested from stakeholders these changes aim to:


  • Improve access to all services
  • Better match the services provided to the needs of clients and families
  • Build real community partnerships

With phase one of the three-phase strategic plan finished, and the restructuring process successfully completed, MH&A is now embarking on phase two which will include reorganization and program redesign.

The MHA team strongly believe early intervention is the key to helping patients live healthy and productive lives as well as preventing debilitating mental health crises. By shifting focus from acute care to a community-based model, the MHA program is maximizing financial and clinical resources to provide care for more patients. The right care, at the right time, in the right place.