Dr. Ruth Carter

Dr. Ruth Carter is the Director of the Mental Health and Addictions Program at the IWK Health Centre.  Dr. Carter was awarded her PhD in Psychology in 1989 from the University of Windsor, in Windsor Ontario.  Dr. Carter has been a practicing psychologist in Nova Scotia since 1989 and at the IWK since 1991.  Dr. Carter’s clinical training and her work experience has been in the field of child and adolescent psychology, with a special interest in working with children who have experienced abuse and neglect.  Dr. Carter has worked in the field of forensic psychology in relation to both child welfare matters and young offenders for much of her clinical career here at the IWK.  Dr. Carter embarked on her formal leadership experience as a Director within the Mental Health and Addictions Program in 2004.  Dr. Carter has worked diligently to improve systems of care since deciding on a shift to leadership roles.  She has been involved in rebuilding a number of teams, enhancing the quality of care and service delivery, and ultimately changing the experience of youth and families who have been served through the system of care over the past 10 years.  In 2013, Dr. Carter was awarded the IWK Board of Directors Award of Leadership for her work on improving the system of care for children and youth experiencing mental health and addictions problems at the IWK.