Emergency Care and Urgent Care

Emergency Mental Health & Addictions Service: The IWK Emergency Mental Health Service provides a 24 hour crisis/ER service for youth in need of mental health crisis  assessment up to the age of 19. The  emergency mental health assessment and t is conducted collaboratively between emergency staff (physicians, nursing) and emergency mental health & addictions service  staff (clinical social workers and nurses) along with psychiatry (residents, psychiatrists) consultation. Emergency assessments are focused to address the emergency mental health issues and provide crisis intervention, as well as to help in organizing referral to longer-term mental health services if required. When there is an acute psychiatric concern that requires treatment in an inpatient setting, then an admission to the Garron Centre for Child & Adolescent Mental Health (acute inpatient psychiatry) may take place.

Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team (MHMCT): is a partnered crisis support service of Capital Health, IWK Health Centre, Halifax Regional Police and Nova Scotia Department of Health. This team of mental health professionals and dedicated police officers provides intervention and short term crisis management for children, youth and adults experiencing a mental health crisis. Patients can call MHMCT 24 hours a day, seven days a week. MHMCT also supports families, friends, community agencies and others to manage mental health crisis through education, outreach and consultation.