Nova Scotia is a small province located on the east coast of Canada. Surrounded by the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Northumberland Strait as well as the Atlantic Ocean, it has a population of approximately 950 000. The IWK Health Centre (with the exception of the Waterville location) is located in the province’s largest urban centre, Halifax Regional Municipality, which is home to approximately 390 000 residents.

Fun Facts about Nova Scotia

  • Nova Scotia means “New Scotland” in Latin.
  • It is the second smallest province in Canada.
  • It has over 3,800 coastal islands and most of the province’s communities are along the coast.
  • It has the most universities (per capita) than any other province in Canada.
  • The Mi’kmaq, First Nations people, have a strong history in Nova Scotia.
  • It has Canada’s oldest African-Canadian community.
  • The provincial motto is “One defends and the other conquers.”
  • The provincial flower is the Mayflower and provincial tree the Red Spruce.